"Megan Mary Mitchell knows all sides of the camera. Her involvement in the garment industry has given her a comprehensive working knowledge of light and angles. She brings a distinct perspective to her work walking through the world with curiosity, calm, and intention as a student of holistic medicine and cuisine. Megan has a keen eye for framing unique shots. Her welcoming attitude and patient demeanor creates an easy atmosphere for shoots. Whether she's shooting people or places; moments or stories - you can trust it will be done with the utmost care and consideration with Megan Mary Mitchell behind the lens. I highly recommend her services to anyone who would like an artistic celebration of their environment and/or self. Looking forward to the next time we can shoot together!" - Sarah C.


"My Fiancé hired Megan to photograph our engagement and I am so grateful that he did, because we will treasure these images for the rest of our lives. Megan is professional, warm, and has a wonderful ability to make even the most awkward humans (us) feel comfortable in front of the camera. With a clean, minimalist, and organic style, she captures images that tell a story and genuinely represent who you are." - Chelsea M.


"Megan, brings an amazing eye to her photography, taking into consideration the light, the colors and the presentation. Her warm and vibrant attitude are seen in each photograph she takes." - Thomas M.