p h i l o s o p h y


Awakening the energy between cloth & skin


I believe the clothing we place on our skin each day is just as important as the whole ingredients we eat,

the people and environments we surround ourselves with and the amount and quality of movement and rest we get each day and night.

It is my mission to stimulate an intimate relationship between cloth & skin,

cultivating a unique experience of dressing each morning.

-megan mary mitchell


Original Kidney Meridian graphic from Yin Yang House

Original Kidney Meridian graphic from Yin Yang House


R o o t s  o f  d e s i g n 


As I run my fingers across freshly laundered organic cotton, and exhale with the first stitch joining two layers of fabric, I smile with love and gratitude, absorbing 'Qi,' or Life Force Energy. This harvested, foundational energy will be present throughout the life of every garment, evolving as you welcome its energy into your wardrobe and onto your body, time and time again.

Inspired by my mission of dressing the body, I attribute my designs to my personal health history and experiences in Yoga, Reiki, Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine. All of these subtle philosophies serve as a guide to the design and construction of each garment, challenging traditional placements of seam lines in a way that influences both functional and energetic purposes. With humble intentions, I identify energetic elements of individual Chakras or specific Organ Channels that I believe will emotionally, mentally, and energetically support the system of the body I am designing for. 


f i l ms



Runway Collection Video, 2015

Films by Abigail Killheffer, RISD FAV '15