Between Cloth & Skin

'Between Cloth and Skin' was designed with the intention of awakening the intimacy between cloth  and our skin.

This collection was inspired by my practice and teachings of the Chakra System, Reiki, Yoga, Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine, integrating my love for the body into a physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual expression of dressing each and every day. Each garment was created using GOTS Certified, organically grown plant fibers and dyes sourced by family farmers in the United States and British Columbia. Every piece was constructed and finished entirely with flat-felled and french seams.

The designs reflect one of the seven chakras and their corresponding organ meridians, colors, as well as their energetic and emotional properties.

Photographs lovingly taken by Agroterra Photography, Providence, RI. 





Inspired by Scandinavian daywear and the fjords of Norway, Subtlety is a collection driven by the softness of light and the layered weight of texture.

Each silhouette was finished using only french and flat-felled seams. All of the knits were designed and hand-machine knit by myself.

Photographs by the talented  Matt Francis Photos , Providence, RI. 



Susan Elizabeth 

In July of 2016, I had the immense honor of designing my sister's wedding dress.

This one-of-a-kind piece was constructed with layers of organic cotton voile and an organic hemp and wild silk charmeuse. Both the cotton and hemp/wild silk fabrics were sourced by family farmers in British Columbia and the United States. Accenting their creamy textures, is a soft, hand-dipped chamomile flower lace, sourced from a dear friend and inspiration in Portland, OR.

Photos beautifully taken by Benjamin Daniel Cummings, Block Island, RI.


All of the above were Designed, Dyed & Sewed with Intention by Megan Mary Mitchell.