The Garments


Sewing each garment primarily with French, Flat-Felled seams and hand finishings, my purpose is to construct clothing that is just as lovingly finished on the inside, as it is on the outside. I believe every garment holds the energy of how it was created for the length of its life. "Closing" all of the rough edges in these mindful seams, I am intentionally sealing in all of the gorgeous love and energy that was created while bringing each garment to life. 



The Fibers

Holistic Apparel is designed with the intention of bringing warmth, love, and support to the body significantly through the sense of touch. Using plant fibers that vary in subtle textures through both industrial and hand weaving and knitting, I encourage the awakened sense of feeling to deepen our relationship between cloth and skin.

By honoring small and local businesses, family farmers, and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified organic farming and production, I am very honored and proud to offer clothing made with mindfully grown, and intentionally crafted, quality yarns, fabrics, and dyes.